Managing corporate accounts is much more than simply providing a taxi ride. It requires attention to detail, so things are managed in a dynamic way. We have a very sophisticated system in place to cater for the requirements of our corporate clientele. Our dedicated Corporate Sales Team ensures our customers receive an unrivalled service experience. We have a robust accounting system in place to reduce billing errors and to bring greater transparency. Here are two account types which we have in place, please choose the one which suits your needs.

Corporate Accounts

This type is more suited to an organisation on a bigger scale, where many individuals are required to use the taxi service. All taxi bookings are recorded against one single account and are invoiced at the end of each month with a 30 days credit facility. Here are some of the features of this account type

Tailored Admin Rewards

Personal Travel Discount

30 Days Credit Facility

Monthly Itemized Invoice

Dedicated A/C Manager

Pay As You Go Accounts

This option is primarily designed for individuals who want hassle free travel without having to involve in the payment process with the drivers. We store the card details and charge a single payment at the end of the month against all bookings and issue an itemized invoice. Here are some of the perks of having this account

Personal Travel Discounts

Payment by All Cards

Book, Pay & Track

iOS & Android Apps

24/7, 365 Call Center

Monthly Credit Card Billing


We do understand there may be occasions, where none of the above options are suited to your requirements, hence why we offer tailored solutions in accordance with your needs. For example, you may have a one-off big event happening but don’t want your guests to pay, you can simply discuss this with our team, and we can put together a customized package for you. We take following things into account

Financial Budgets

Event Type

Group Size